You want to work from home and juggle the mom life? Brave is what you are! All jokes aside– working from home certainly isn’t as glamorous as some people may talk it up to be. There absolutely are benefits that come with it as well as some drawbacks. With the pandemic that struck in 2020, it’s now more universally possible than ever before to work from home.

Let’s Discuss

There are many reasons people seek out WFH jobs. Read some of the following points before we get into the article, that may help you decide if WFH is right for you:

  • You’re able to stay focused in different types of environments
  • You can handle a little chaos
  • Have experience using a computer and some modern technologies
  • You’re open to new ideas and norms


Now, I can speak from experience that the following cons definitely happen to me when I’m working at home– BUT, with determination and finding a routine that works, you can overcome the following: 

  • Distractions. I can’t tell you how many times along the work day I’ve found myself thinking “hm I need to clean xyz”, or focusing on something else that’s around me other than my work. Overtime, though, it gets easier to tune-out these distractions. (Write down your top 3 priorities every single day so that you’re always on track and know exactly where your head space should be).
  • Accountability. Working from home means you now have to be accountable for yourself, your LO, and your work! That’s a lot of responsibility. Once you work from home, no one is going to show up to tell you to stay on track. You must be strong and push yourself (within limits). 

Lack of social exposure. By this, I mean the connection that comes with attending events and getting out there and networking with people. I suppose for some this could be either a positive or negative side to it, considering the ongoing pandemic, some might find it a positive thing to be at home more often.


  • Creativity. Since working from home can bring along situations or events that normally wouldn’t take place in a traditional work environment, you’re going to be more prone to creative spontaneity.  
  • Routines. Finally set in motion that perfect routine you’ve been meaning to get down. 
  • EBF Freedom. Besides overall freedom perks that come with WFH, think about how much more comfortable you’ll be breastfeeding (or pumping for) your little one. HUGE bonus.

Another thing to keep in mind is your LO’s age. After I had my son, I believe I was about 3 months postpartum when I resumed working as a social media manager. Now, at first, it was pretty manageable considering how much an infant sleeps in those first few months. As he started to grow (super fast) and demanded more attention and playtime, the heavier my workload started to feel. With that being said, I would also recommend to any Moms considering WFH to start with something light or with minimal work hours. 

Working from home and being a mother is a lot of responsibility– but if there’s anything that this global crisis has taught a majority of us, it’s that anything is possible. Just think about how many times you’ve been pushed out of your comfort zone since the start of it. I bet at least a few times. See if you can WFH for just one week and see how you’re able to manage it. 

TIP: Working from home means that your personal space is also your work space. With that being said, you should really set aside some time to create your own space that you can